What you don’t know can certainly hurt you in the case of radon gas. Radon is a radioactive gas that is present in water, soil, and rocks. It enters homes through cracks in walls, foundations, and basements. The EPA has implicated it as a risk factor in developing lung cancer. Know for certain if your home is at risk by calling Homecheckit at (202) 498-9765, or schedule online now.

What Makes Our Radon Inspection Different?

At Homecheckit, owner Dave ”Fuzzy” Moersen has undergone the rigorous radon certification and licensure program from George Mason University. While most inspectors use a canister for testing that has to then be shipped to a lab, Homecheckit uses the state-of-the-art Sun Nuclear Continuous Radon Monitor system. Here’s how it works:

  1. This monitor takes continuous readings every hour over a 48-hour period.
  2. The monitor will issue a warning if it has been moved at any time during the test. This is important because sometimes a seller who is afraid of a high reading may try to skew the results of the test by moving the device outside or to another location. The built-in warning system will prevent that problem from occurring.
  3. Once the radon testing is complete, we can print you an immediate report from our portable printer so you and your realtor have the results and are able to move forward with an offer or remediation plans.