Don’t take a chance on the unknown. Schedule a home inspection before signing on the dotted line to make an informed decision. Homecheckit is ready to serve you and your family. Below, you’ll find answers to questions that homeowners frequently ask us. Call us at (202) 498-9765 for more information, or schedule online now.

When you find a home you’re serious about purchasing, always schedule a home inspection prior to making an offer. At Homecheckit, owner Dave “Fuzzy” Moersen is ASHI and InterNachi-certified with several additional certifications. He’s also a licensed contractor, which means he understands what he should—and shouldn’t—be seeing. He’ll give you the information you need to decide on whether to move forward, ask for repairs or a price reduction, or wait for a better option.

Sellers should also schedule an inspection prior to listing their home to avoid any unpleasant surprises that could derail a sale or cause a significant drop in price. Find out any problems now and have them professionally fixed so that you have a clean inspection report to present to buyers.

Definitely, yes. This is where we shine. When it comes to most home inspections, it usually takes one to two days before you hear anything. Homecheckit uses a state-of-the-art system that allows us to instantly email a summary of the most important information right on the spot. Dave then reviews that information with the buyer and real estate agent (if they are present at the inspection) who can then immediately send it to the listing agent of the home with an addendum of the prospective buyer’s requests.

This allows you to make an offer directly from the inspection if so desired. The color-coded full report with pictures will be emailed to you within 15 minutes of completing the inspection.

Yes. Historical or old homes are tricky to inspect because of the outdated practices and components used to build them. Most companies won’t inspect them. Homecheckit is experienced in this field and will be happy to inspect the home and issue a report. Due to the added time and complications inherent in this field, there is a significant upcharge over the price of our normal residential inspections. Call us for more information.

Yes. Dave is certified in radon testing and mold testing. Any one of these inspections can be added to a residential inspection for an additional fee. Make sure that the home you are thinking of purchasing is a healthy environment for your family.

A wise new-home owner should schedule a home inspection before that one-year warranty expires. Why? Because issues often pop up at the one-year mark of a home, and you want the contractor to fix them on his dime, not yours. After all, you’ve already paid for everything in the house. Don’t pay again to fix what should still be working. It’s not unusual to have repairs that add up to thousands of dollars. Schedule an inspection while you’re still under warranty, and submit the list we give you to your contractor for remediation.